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Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Have Been Tagged-Secrets of the Past

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Well, I haven't been tagged in a long time. l Zawadi over at "One Strange World" tagged me I guess I have to let her (and everyone else in on Irie's dirt). I am changing these secrets to "Secrets of the Past." Here are 6 things from my past I am sharing.

okay here goes...(now keep in mind these things don't mean I am strange)

  • I use to talk to my Teddy Bear (his name was Teddy) when I was a kid. He was my best friend. I was pretty lonely and pathetic
  • I got caught eating some donuts and my mom made me eat the whole box (I was sick as a dog) 32 donuts
  • I was the captain of my basketball team
  • I snuck out to visit my boyfriend (and got locked out the house)
  • I have a degree in Theology (not too many people know that)
  • I dated Howard Hewett (that was a LOOOOONG time
Okay I am tagging 3 people for this

The Marvalus View, Sojourners Place, YawdFromAbroad,


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SjP said...

You want me to tell my secrets? Oh my... For you...only for you...

SjP said...

Girl, I was sweating this post, but I finally got through it! LOL