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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Typical Jamaican Meal

Breakfast - The Main dish is either Liver, Ackee & saltfish (codfish), Mackerel or Red Herring served with any or all of the following, fried dumpling, fried
bammy , boiled banana, boiled dumpling and yam.

Dinner - Rice and Peas with either (or all) Chicken, Roast Beef, Curry Goat. Tossed Salad Baked sweet potato are served on the side.

Drinks - The drink served with Sunday Dinner is normally special. Examples of drinks served are carrot juice, soursop juice, beet root , sorrel if it is in season.

Breakfast - Sardine, Eggs (fried or boiled), rundown, fried green or ripe plantation. A bowl of Cornmeal or Banana porridge is also typical for breakfast. Hot drink- Milo, Coffee, Holicks, Ovaltine.

Lunch - Patty and cocoa bread, Grotto Bread, Bun and cheese, Meat loaf, box lunch - which is a smaller version of a Jamaican dinner.

Drinks- a box juice, ski juice, suck suck, coconut water, lemonade, syrup, Quench Aid, Soda.

Dinner- Curry Chicken, Curry Shrimp, Escovitch Fish, Steam Fish, Oxtails, Stew Peas, Stew Pork, Tripe and Beans, Cow feet. Steam Beef cabbage with either salt fish or Corn Beef. Curry Goat may be served, but it mostly reserved for Sunday Dinners or special occasions.

Side dish - Corn, yam, dasheen, cho cho, boiled corn meal dumpling, Fried plantains, boiled banana.

Breakfast and Lunch - the same as Monday -Thursday.

Dinner- No one cooks. Everyone either eats out or "buy and bring" home. Typical "buy and bring home" are drum pan Jerk Chicken or Jerk Pork, fried fish and festival, roast fish, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Shakey's Pizza. Some even have Roast Yam and Salt Fish.

Breakfast - Liver with Banana, dumpling and Yam, ackee and saltfish with fried dumpling or fried bammy. Haminy corn

Dinner- Beef or chicken soup is a must.



JamericanSpice said...

I miss this kinda food!!!

Anonymous said...

Me miss diss 2:(