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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Bulla Cake

Jamaican bulla

Bulla Cake is known as the "poor people bread" in Jamaica. I remember growing up an if you couldn't find anything to eat you put some "pear" (avocado) between two pieces of bulla cake and eat that. Not only was it filling, it also tasted good. I think many tourist miss out when they don't get a chance to taste some of the "simple" delicacies from Jamaica.

Bulla is really a pastry though. Generally it is eaten with cheese. I tell you one thing do not eat Bulla and not have something to wash it down with. Because it is very thick


Erina Hart said...

Did you make the Bulla Cake in the photo?

iriegal said...

Erina, know that was a some cakes I bought at the local shop.